Single Pitch Rescue Class

This is an intro course to climbing rescue techniques and skills. The instructor will show possible and common dangerous scenario that can happen while single pitch rock climbing outside and skills that can help you manage those situations and escape danger. This is a one day course and is ground based. This course does not cover multi-pitch rescue and high rope skills. This course is suitable for experienced rock climbers with at least 1 year of regular leading and climbing outside. Participants must be able to lead climb at least 6A at ease, able to safely lead belay, understand the use and mechanic of both ATC belay device and assisted locking belay device to join this course. Max capacity: 6 students.
Skills Covered In This course
  • Remove belayer from position in case of injury or emergency situation
  • Pick Off - rescue and move climber from rope in case of emergency situation or injury
  • Aiding climbing injury
  • Ascent rope using guide mode on Grigri / manual device
  • Counter balance technique to descend climber to ground safely
Course Info: Saturday, August, 27th, 2022 10:00 - 18:00
Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp, Saraburi
Regular Price: 1,500 THB / per person
TCDA member Price: 1,000 THB / per person
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**this price includes instruction by professional guide, day pass to NPPY camp, group sharing gear. 
**this price does not include personal climbing gear, food, transportation or accommodation. 
Required Gear
  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing harness
  • Climbing helmet
  • ATC or other assisted belay device
  • Personal Anchor