TCDA team



Snook is an avid climber and an outdoor enthusiast. His love for the outdoors began in the USA, where he was introduced to climbing in Joshua Tree.
Snook now lives in Bangkok where he resumes his passion for climbing and helps TCDA with hosting various events and activities.
Favorite Quote - Best route ever!!!, Who wants to belay me?



An author of “Rock Climbing in Central and Northeastern Thailand” Guidebook in conjunction with Matthieu Le Gall, Pleum has long been an integral part of the climbing community in Central Thailand. 
Pleum continues to document and pioneer new climbing routes in Central Thailand with support from TMSC and local Bangkok Community. 
She has the best restaurant recommendation, love to
top rope your route, and enjoys obscure ice cream flavor.



Tao grew up and began climbing in the USA. His climbing experience spanned across various disciplines and in many historical areas.

Residing in Thailand since 2016, Tao continues his love for travel and climbing in Asia where he forms a partnership with QX Adventures’ (Taiwan and Singapore based) “Safe outdoor climbing initiative”.

With backing from TMSC and the Bangkok Climbing community, Tao was a key part of the “Khao Yoi Rebolting Campaign” and placed over 200+ climbing bolts across Central Thailand.
Known for - incoherent rambling about adventure climbing.  
Dreams about - 5.10 hand crack