Rebolt Khao Yoi Campaign

About Khao Yoi

KHAO YOI is the first climbing area in Central Thailand. It was first bolted by Somporn Suebhait; aka King. For the past 20 years, Khao Yoi has been a favorite go-to weekend climbing area for the local climbing community and recently has begun to see more international visitors.  The area also has the potential for more development.

About the Campaign

Khao Yoi climbing routes have rusted and become too old to climb on safely. We want to restore current climbing routes in a best practice which means installing better and longer-lasting hardware in the rock. 

Similar to anything, age comes with declivity. Located approx. 15 km from the coast, which is known as high corrosive environment. Aging bolts and anchors of many routes are too rusty to be climbed on safely. On the same route, one old bolt may appear strong and able to stand aggressive weather and another may just easily snaps off. Although the area has gone through several rebolting efforts, the equipment previously used are not sustainable and not suitable for the area.

This project will also help us promote a standard in climbing development in Thailand. We choose to host series of events to promote a communal effort in this project and give the sense of ownership to the community.


  • Raise ฿250,000 for the rebolting campaign through series of events and online contribution.
  • Re-bolt Khao Yoi’s 27 routes with titanium bolts and anchor sets.
  • Complete re-bolting in late 2018- early 2019.