Thank you for registering for our first Gym To Rock Bouldering Workshop. Thailand Climbing Development Association and Khon Kaen Climbing Club look forward to seeing you soon! Please use this info and planning guide to prepare for the event. If you still have any question, please contact us via LINE app at @tcda or email at 

Event Overview
Workshops are on January 27 and 28, 2024 (Saturday & Sunday) and will take place at the Zoolander Bouldering Areas. 

This event offers new climbers an opportunity to learn the proper safety knowledge, climbing skills and social etiquette to become an independent boulder in the future. We also want to connect new and experienced climbers and help build a stronger community. 

Zoolander Bouldering Areas are located within Khon Kaen Zoo, which is about 60km from Khon Kaen Town (50 mins drive by car). There are many bouldering areas but the main areas are Power Station, Zen Garden and Central Park area. You can read more about the history of Zoolander on Khon Kaen Climbing Club website. 

GPS coordination, Route Info & Navigation. 
The local climbers and developers have done a tremendous amount of work to clean new boulders and develop new lines for us to enjoy. All the information regarding route grades and locations can be found on the 27crags application, which you can download to your phone before you arrive. You can search for it on the app stores for both iOS and Android. This will allow you to see all the GPS coordinates for each boulder and climbing areas and also allow you to tick and record your climbs. Please consider supporting the KKCC and local climbers by downloading this app and pay for subscription.  

Please join our group chat on the LINE APP. We will keep you posted of any updates here. Also, it is an easy platform to maintain communication. You can also use this group to ask any questions and the event organizers will reply. 
Please add Snook (the organizer) on the Line App by searching for his ID: snookedbe. Send him a message saying you want to join the bouldering group chat. Snook will add you to the group. 

Event Schedule

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024

8:00: TCDA shared van leaves from Kosa Hotel.
9:00: Meet / Introduction at Bedrock Inn (mandatory) < click on name for google map link
  • All participants should come meet at Bedrock Inn at 9:00. We will do an ice breaker, introduction and safety briefing and go over the program for the weekend. We will split participants into groups here. 
  • Coffee and breakfast, and packed lunch are available by pre-order only. Please contact to pre-order. 

9:45: Move from Bedrock inn to Khon Kaen Zoon (5mins drive away)

  • All participants will have to pay entrance fee into the zoo themselves. 
  • 130THB for Thai nationals and foreigners with valid driver's license or work permit. 
  • 350THB for visiting tourists and foreigners without official local I.D. or work permit. 

10:00: Meet at Central Park Parking Lot for Day 1 Intro To Bouldering Workshop

  • Everyone meets at Central Park Parking Lot and walk over to bouldering together. Team Leaders will direct their groups to different boulders. 
  • Participants should bring all of their personal belongings, food, water, snacks and climbing gear with them. 
  • Crashpads will be distributed by TCDA to each group. 
  • Central Park GPS coordinate. < click for navigation

Central Park Parking Area with the sign. Cars should park beyond this fence. Please be considerate when you park and leave room for cars to enter and exit. 

Workshop content:

  • Intro skills - how to use crashpad, proper spotting technique, topout technique, route reading and climbing skills
  • Outdoor Etiquettes - safety, environmental impact and sharing public space

13:00: Social Climbing with TCDA and Khon Kaen Climbing Club

  • In the afternoon, all participants will continue to climb and practice their skills on boulders in Central Park area with TCDa and KKCC. 

17:00: End of day 1 activities. All crashpads will be returned, so there's no more bouldering after this time. If you want to continue to climb after 5pm, please bring your own crashpad. 

18:30: Social dinner at ลอมข้าว Lom Kaow Cafe' and Restaurant (Optional). 

  • Join TCDA and KKCC team at Lom Kaow for a social dinner. Participants pay for themselves. This is not inclusive in your event fee. 

20:00: Hangout and social at Opor's House (KKCC member's home).

  • Join us for some a special screening of a climbing film starring Ploy and Mean on their adventure rock climbing in The U.S. 
  • Bring Your Own drinks and snacks
  • Hangout, play games, chat, and share their favorite experiences and sends from the day. 

Sunday January 28, 2024

8:00: TCDA shared van leaves from Kosa Hotel.
9:00: Meet Bedrock Inn (mandatory) < click on name for google map link
  • We will go over the program for the day together. 
  • Participants will be divided into small groups for the First Ascent Activity.
  • Coffee and breakfast, and packed lunch are available by pre-order only. Please contact to pre-order. 

9:30: Depart Bedrock Inn and head into the zoo. 

10:00: Meet at Zen Garden Parking Lot for the First Ascent Activity with Khon Kaen climbing developers. 

  • Friendly First Ascent Activity/ Challenge to help introduce new climbers to how to develop a new boulder and make their own First Ascent!
  • A great opportunity to help KKCC develop a new area
  • Learn to climb a new boulder without any chalk mark or topo. 
  • Rules for the First Ascent Activity will be explained and participants will work in a team to collect as many points as possible. 

13:00: First Ascent Activity is finished and participants regroup to continue to climb in the after. 

  • In the afternoon, all participants will continue to climb and practice their skills on boulders in Central Park area with TCDa and KKCC.

17:00: End of day 2 activities. All crashpads will be returned, so there's no more bouldering after this time. If you want to continue to climb after 5pm, please bring your own crashpad.


  • If you want to book your own private van, please contact Thai Dream Tour: 089-711-8331. (1,800 per van excluding cost of gas). We recommend this option for convenience. 
  • Car rental is also available including Hertz, Budget and Avis. 
  • Grab is also available within Khon Kaen Town. 
  • The zoo is about 60km from Khon Kaen town. 
  • Personal vehicle is the best option for getting to the zoo. 
  • For hotel in Khon Kaen town, we recommend Kosa Hotel
  • For hotels near the zoo, we recommend Bedrock Inn (run by climbers), Well House, and Amp Inn
  • There are also numerous other hotel options. 
Food & Drinks
  • We do not provide any food or water. Participants must be responsible for their own supplies of food and water and other necessities such as mosquito repellent, medications, sunscreen, etc. Participants are expected to be prepared for spending a full day outdoor. 
  • We recommend 2-3liters of water per person per day. 
  • Pack your lunch before you come into the zoo as the zoo canteen is far from the bouldering area and restaurants are located outside of the zoo. 
  • Bedrock Inn provides breakfast and pack lunch, please contact them to make reservation for lunch box pick up at
    Zoo Entrance Fee
    • To enter the zoo, every climber must pay the zoo entrance fee. It costs 130THB for Thais and foreigners with valid Thai driver's license or work permit and 350THB for visiting foreigners. Price is per day. 

    Bouldering Equipment

    • Crashpads will be provided by TCDA and KKCC, so participants do not have to bring one. But if you do have a personal crashpad, you can bring your own. 
    • Participants must bring their own climbing gear such as shoes and chalk bag. 
    • Bouldering brush, finger tape (optional)

    What To Wear?

    • Athletic and comfortable clothing 
    • Comfortable long pants are recommended
    • Shorts are also good, but you might get a lot of scratches
    • T-shirts or tank tops 
    • Sun, caps and sunglasses are recommended
    • A light jacket (for sun and wind protection)

    What To Pack?

    • Personal climbing gear
    • Bug spray, sunscreen
    • Snacks, lunch and water (no food or water will be provided)
    • Cash / money (to pay for the zoo entrance)
    • Personal water bottle (to reduce plastic waste)
    • Personal food box, fork and spoon (to reduce plastic waste)

    What You Cannot Bring!

    • Pets (we're climbing in a zoo, so no unauthorized animals are allowed inside the zoo)

      Other Tips About Khon Kaen

      • A good place for grabbing early breakfast is Baan Heng (บ้านเฮง). They open at 6am
      • Shop at a small convenient store instead of 7-11! Help support the local economy and small businesses. 

      Bedrock Inn

      • Bedrock is a new accommodation near the zoo. We highly recommend participants to stay here as it is affordable, close to the zoo and is run by a local climber. They also offer breakfast & to-go pack lunch for the participants. Make reservation by 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. If I do not want to attend the workshops or team challenge, do I need to register?
      You have to register if you want to attend either the intro to bouldering workshop or the team challenge activity. If you only want to go climb in Khon Kaen zoo during these days, you do not need to register. You can just go climb. You can join our evening dinner and activity even if you do not register. 

      2. If I register, do I need to attend both the workshop and the team challenge?
      No, you can choose the activity that you want to do. You do not need to participate in both activities if you do not want to. 

      3. If I do not register for the workshops, can I use the shuttle service?
      No, we only help to organize transportation for workshop participants. If you're going to the zoo to climb on your own, you can also organize your own transportation. 

      4. What's your refund policy
      We can refund your booking until the 20th of January. 

      5. I want to learn more about climbing in Khon Kaen.
      Please refer to this FAQ on KKCC website