Terms & Conditions / Benefits For Members

Thailand Climbing Development Association (TCDA) Membership

What is TCDA membership

TCDA membership is an annual (yearly) membership pass that climbers can join to help support TCDA's goals to develop and advance rock climbing in Thailand. Money from membership will be used primarily for route and climbing area development in Thailand, events and activities, and access to climbing area. TCDA member will receive an official membership card. 

Membership Rules and Guidelines

  • Membership costs 1,500THB per year
  • Membership starts from the day you register for 1 calendar year e.g. June 1st, 2022 - May 31th, 2023. 
  • TCDA will take between 7-14 days to confirm your payment and membership card will be sent your home address. 
  • Members agree to keep their membership card and show membership card as proof of membership to businesses when they want to receive discounts and benefits. 
  • TCDA members may receive discount and priority to TCDA events and activities
  • TCDA members agree that TCDA is not responsible for any harm and injury happen to members as a result of rock climbing. 

Discount from Climbing Gyms and Partner Businesses
Members must display their valid membership card, which will be issue to them 14 days after registration, in order to receive benefits. Members agree to carry their membership card with them at all time and must show membership card with a valid government ID or passport (physical or picture) to receive benefit from partner businesses. Members may receive these benefits during their entire validity of the membership. 

*Benefits offered here cannot be used with other promotions offered by the businesses. 

Racquet Club

  • 20% Discount on yearly membership 
  • 10% Discount one day-pass 
  • 5% Discount at Urban Playground climbing store
  • 30% Discount TCDA group sign-up (only available 1 time per year every June)

Climb Central Bangkok 

  • 10% Discount yearly membership and one day pass
  • 20% Discount of group sign-up of more than 30 people as a single group with TCDA. 

Stonegoat Climbing Gym

  • 10% Discount on one day pass and multi-day passes e.g. 10 day pass. 

Rock Domain

  • 10% Discount on yearly membership and one day-pass

Gravity Lab & Marathon Fitness

  • 10% Discount on yearly membership 
  • 10% Discount on physiotherapy and other services by MLife clinic (located in Gravity Lab

Progression Vertical

  • 10% discount on all day passes and memberships
  • 10% discount on non member courses

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures

  • 10% discount on outdoor guiding (transport and accommodation not included)

Progression Equipment

  • 10% discount on shopprogression.com
  • 10% discount at Progression Equipment retail stores

    TCDA store

    • 10% discount on all TCDA merchandise and gear purchased on our website. 
    • Discount on our events, workshops and activities. 

    General Membership Agreement

    Members also agree that TCDA is not responsible in any way for their own personal activity and participation in rock climbing at any time. TCDA is also not responsible for injury or harm occurred during TCDA sanction activities or events.

    •  I acknowledge that rock climbing, abseiling, and mountain related activities are dangerous pastimes that can lead to serious injury or worse, and that I should not undertake these without proper knowledge, training, or equipment.
    • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to learn and understand the proper techniques associated with safe participation in these activities, and I fully accept responsibility and assume all risks, damages, injuries, or death which may result from the activities.
    • I acknowledge the fact that the TCDA is made up of volunteers who have a passion for the sport and who share this passion with others for the sake of recreation and sport, without assuming any responsibility for the safety of others. I agree that I will not hold the TCDA or its members liable for any personal or third-party injuries or damages, however caused, arising from my participation in rock climbing, abseiling, and mountain related activities, or when out with other members of the association for whatever reason.
    •  I confirm that I do not suffer from any condition or illness that might impair my ability to participate in the activities of the association, including but not limited to acrophobia, dizziness, epilepsy or other conditions. I also confirm that I am not taking any medication which may cause dizziness or any other condition that would affect my ability to rock climb.
    • When climbing with others I will always strive to ensure that my behavior is commensurate with the prevention of accidents, and I will always do my utmost to look out for others to keep the practice of the sport as safe as possible and accidents to a minimum.
    •  I hereby commit to always safeguard the environment in which the sport of rock climbing is practiced and will do my utmost to collect rubbish, avoid trampling flora and fauna, avoid excessive gardening of climbing routes, keep to established foot paths, avoid trundling of boulders and generally keep the noise and disturbance levels down at the crags to minimize the impact of our activities there.
    • I will always show due respect to traditional land users (farmers, etc.), landowners and other users of the countryside (other climbers, trekkers, etc.) to ensure a harmonious and cooperative sharing of the wilderness resources of Thailand.
    • By using the information from TCDA members, website, or socials; I acknowledge that the information may be outdated or inaccurate and I agree that TCDA cannot be held liable for any damage that may be caused by use of this information. The association resources are not meant to be an alternative to professional instruction. I acknowledge that neither TCDA nor the members involved in its production, will be held responsible for any omissions or mistakes, nor liable for any personal or third-party injuries or damage, however caused, arising from its use.
    • I acknowledge that enthusiasm and interest are no substitute for common sense, care, knowledge, and experience.
    •  I agree to have my personal details kept in the association records and for these to be used for communication by the association of any and all association activities and initiatives.

    Details of climbing routes recorded on the TCDA website or any publications produced by or somehow affiliated with the TCDA together with their grades, reference to in-situ or natural protection and locations are made in good faith having been compiled from first ascent descriptions and old guidebook information. Descriptions and grades should be treated with extreme caution. Unfortunately climbs can change; holds fall off, rock becomes dirty, in-situ gear deteriorates or disappears. Even a minor alteration can have a dramatic effect on the grade or difficulty of a route. It is therefore essential that climbers judge the condition of any route before committing themselves.